Why Resin Selection Matters while Manufacturing Industrial FRP Tanks?

There are many tank features and components that make a specific tank well suited to the job at hand. Picking tank size, secondary containment, and even different shapes and makes of tank are all important to the selection process. However, there is on tank feature that can easily be overlooked (despite being a very important feature): resin. Especially when you are working with potentially corrosive chemicals, investing in the right resin for your industrial water tank can save you a lot of time and money in the long run.

Resin does quite a bit of important work when it comes to keeping industrial storage tanks in good working order. Resin provides the first layer of resistance against corrosive materials, which is a key aspect of any tank housing corrosive chemicals. After all, if a storage tank’s corrosion resistance is compromised, that could become a real issue. Picking a resin that will best be able to keep leaks or contamination at bay can be a health and safety issue. However, picking the right resin is not simply about choosing a resin that can stand up against corrosion. It is also about finding a resin that will help provide a lower “lifetime cost” to your industrial water tanks.

Something to avoid, is picking a resin that seems to be a more cost effective option in the beginning, only to find that overall “lifetime” maintenance costs are more expensive than if you had gone with a resin that could have had better longevity. For example, choosing a resin that will need to be replaced or given expensive maintenance within a shorter time can really add up! It can cost thousands of dollars to have resin maintenance done, which means that opting for a resin that will last longer can really cut down on cost in the long run. After all, “relining” a tank will require the same level of resources, whether it needs to be done more or less frequently. Making the investment in the right kind of resin to best hold up for a longer period of time for your storage needs can really cut down on the use of additional resources. Ideally, those looking to save money in the long run should inform water tank manufacturers that they are looking to keep “lifetime cost” down, which can mean investing in the right resin.

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