Why Fiberglass is Preferred over Metal Tank?

Picking a material to use for your storage tanks is generally one of the biggest up front decisions to make. Sure, there are many different shapes, models, and characteristics, but material is still a key thing to decide!

The way a material will potentially react with chemicals, how durable it is under different conditions, and so on, is all so important to the long-term success of your storage tank!

This means that, when choosing the material that your storage tank will be comprised of, it can be helpful to know all of your options. Though a material like metal is well known, it is not the only type of storage tank available! In fact, there are many reasons to consider buying fiberglass water tanks rather than metal tanks.

Something not to be overlooked about fiberglass tanks is how strong they can be in the long run! Fiberglass is not always considered by many to be an incredibly strong material. Likely, this is because metal seems so naturally strong, and is often used when strength is needed, such as in the use of many tools.

Fiberglass on the other hand, is generally lighter weight than metal. This means that it is easier to transport fiberglass, and it is cheaper to ship fiberglass storage tanks than it is to ship metal tanks. Because of the fact that fiberglass is lighter weight, many may not realize that it is also incredibly hardwearing as well.

Fiberglass is actually very resistant to corrosion which makes it a good choice when needing to store certain corrosive materials. With fiberglass tank manufacturers you can reap the many benefits of using a lightweight material, without having to sacrifice on sturdiness.

Fiberglass is a treasure trove of benefits, many of which might not yet be known to you and your company. For example, unlike metal, fiberglass does not conduct electricity.

This can be a huge plus when it comes to safety, as electrical conductivity can be a safety and shock hazard. Fiberglass is also well known for being fairly water tight, which is incredibly important when it comes to storing liquids. After all, storing liquid products in a storage tank that is not water tight, could result in dangerous leaks or contamination over time.

Finally, fiberglass water tanks tend to be a more affordable option than metal tanks. Especially when you factor in the lower shipping costs, and the fact that fiberglass storage tanks can often be sturdier in the long run than metal (such as when corrosion is involved).

For those who are interested in fiberglass tanks, look no further than Belding Tank. We take pride in our workmanship, and make quality our standard. So that you can rest assured that you receive a high quality product, every single time.

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