Why Choose Cone Bottom Tanks over IMFO Tanks?

There are so many tanks available in the market that might confuse most customers. What kind of tank should be bought? Are conical bottom tanks better than IMFO tanks? Or should one look for something else?  Here are some reasons why cone bottom tanks can be a great option for companies

What are Conical Bottom Tanks?

A cone bottom tank is made up of a vertical tank attached with a cone or funnel at the bottom. With the help of a funnel, the tank can be drained completely out of the liquid without anything remaining at the bottom.

Cone bottom tanks come with various types of funnel slopes and cone shapes, which can be used for different purposes. These tanks require proper support at the bottom, preventing spills and damage.

What are IMFO tanks?

An integrally molded flanged outlet (IMFO) tank comes with a flange attached at the bottom of the tank’s sidewall. In this way, the tank provides a complete drain without the need for any extra vertical space required by a cone bottom tank. The flat bottom tank and its flange are made using the same material.

Benefits of a Conical Bottom Tank

  • Better Geometry

One reason why these tanks are preferred in the market is because of their excellent geometry. The conical bottom makes it easy to clean the tank and drain the solution out of them. This is usually not possible with flat base tanks because some of the liquid might collect in the middle of the tank.

And considering the weight of these tanks, it is also not possible to shake them and take out all the liquid. Therefore, a conical tank is better.

  • Ability to handle Heavier Liquids

Heavy liquids require a cone bottom tank because the slope helps them exit the space. Heavy liquids or slides cannot escape the tank well and might collect in the middle because of the weight if there is no slope to facilitate them. Conical bottom tanks usually come with a slope of 30, 45, or 60 degrees. This helps in effectively emptying the heavy liquid out of the tank.

  • Comes with a Support Mechanism

These tanks also come with the correct support, which is imperative for preventing damage and spills. The support structure is usually a carbon steel stand covered with epoxy and a basket to support the tank. The basket needs to fit around the tank without any gaps, ensuring the liquid drains in the right direction.

The basket also needs to be strong to support the weight of all the materials or liquids stored in the tank. If the tank has to store heavier materials, a full pan bottom or reinforced support might be required. These extra components help in making the conical bottom tanks sturdy and strong.

  •  Ideal for Dry Materials

As mentioned, cone bottom tanks allow easy drainage and flow of materials. In this way, the tanks are not only great for heavy liquids, but they are also very effective for storing dry solids like grains or cattle feed. Moreover, materials that need to be separated can be managed in these tanks. Liquids and solids can be easily dissolved in the tank by putting a decant fitting.

Drawbacks of Cone Bottom Tanks

These tanks are usually more expensive than flat bottom tanks because of the structure, geometry, and extra components added to the structure. This is why many customers might be wary of installing these tanks if they have a limited budget.

Cone bottom tanks also need extra maintenance support in order to ensure that they last for a long time. Since the IMFO tank has the flange molded in the tank itself, customers don’t need to stress over maintaining the tank’s components. However, the contrary is true for cone bottom tanks, and customers need to take care of all the separate components of these tanks.

Conical bottom and flat bottom tanks both have their advantages. Cone bottom tanks are effective in handling heavier liquids, while tanks with flat bottoms are less costly.

However, comparing both the tanks, cone bottom storage tanks always come on the top compared to both the tanks. Even though they are a little expensive as compared to other tanks, they come with extra support and have an excellent structure for handling heavy liquids. To learn more about these tanks and why one should buy them, visit Belding Tank today.


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