What Kind of Designs in Storage Tanks Keep Sodium Hypochlorite Degradation Minimal?

Commercial sodium hypochlorite comes from sodium hydroxide and chlorine. Companies usually get it as a liquid that has a concentration of around 12 percent. Even though it is more expensive to get the liquid than the gas form, it is safer and easier to use. Plus, it comes with a lower risk of causing health issues, particularly because it reduces your risk of releasing chlorine and gas. If you have your sodium hypochlorite tanks near the surrounding areas, then you want to ensure that they stay safe.

Reducing Sodium Hypochlorite Degradation With the Design

Sodium hypochlorite is not a stable chemical, and it can become sodium chlorate over a period of time. The manufacturer will often add caustic soda to help it stay more stable, but sodium hypochlorite can still begin to degrade. Some factors can affect the degradation more than others, including:

  • Having certain metals, like nickel, iron, or copper present.
  • High temperatures over time.
  • Exposure to sunlight or other UV light.

It is a good idea to choose a specially designed sodium hypochlorite storage tank to mitigate the risk of degradation because of UV exposure, high temperatures, or metals. These tanks will help to preserve your chemical to lower your cost of replacing it frequently.

Prevent Metal Buildup

Typically, sodium hypochlorite has transition metals in it, including copper, iron, and nickel. But you do not want to have these build up in the storage tank, which can create off-gassing. That can be dangerous to your environment, employees, and the tank. With a specially designed tank, you will not have to worry about harmful buildups.

Protecting It From UV Rays

Of course, the threat of UV exposure is only a problem if you keep the tank outdoors. However, because sodium hypochlorite is useful for many applications, many facilities have to keep the tanks outdoors. When exposed to UV rays, sodium hypochlorite’s chemical structure can begin to break down.

This is why many people choose to paint the tank or get a black one. With a black tank, you can block out the harmful UV rays during the day and not increase the temperature of the sodium hypochlorite, which can also cause chemical degradation. Try to store the tank in a cooler area to prevent too much heat.

Choose the Best Sodium Hypochlorite Storage Tank

When it comes to storing your company’s sodium hypochlorite, you want only the best. That is why you should turn to Belding Tank Technologies for your sodium hypochlorite tank needs. Feel free to reach out to us today to find out more about our tanks and how you can keep the degradation to a minimum.

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