What Are the Different Types of Tank Bottoms and Their Uses

Did you know that the shape of a tank can make a big difference in how it functions? Yes! When it comes to picking the right storage tank to best suit your specific needs, it can be easy to focus solely on aspects such as what material the tank will be made of. Perhaps what additions the tank might need to function it’s best. However, the shape of the tank is an equally, if not sometimes more, important feature to factor into your decision making process! Whether a tank is a flat bottom tank or not can really affect the way that it operates, and each of the main different types of tank bottom have their own special features.

When it comes to general tank shape, there are four main categories that you are likely to come across. The first, are conical bottom tanks. The conical bottom tank design is ideal for instances where a proper and full drain every time is crucial. A proper drainage of storage tanks can prevent contamination issues caused by lingering remnants of older batches of chemicals within the tank. The reason that conical bottom tanks work so well in this regard, is that their unique shape acts like a funnel, making sure that the entire bottom of the tank drains out thoroughly.

Next, there are dish bottom tanks. This type of tank shape has a rounded out shape which makes it a great choice for those who need to use a mixing motion on the contents of their storage tanks. The rounder shape of dish bottom tanks make a great complement to the mixing and flow of materials within the tank.

If neither of these sound applicable to your needs, consider instead the sloped bottom tank. These tanks have, just as their name suggests, a special sloped shape, which makes it easier to reach the drain. For situations where the storage tank in question will be drained often, a sloped bottom tank can potentially be a great option.

Lastly, there is the flat bottom tank. This type of storage tank is a solid and basic design, that is often a more affordable option than other storage tank shapes. Because this tank shape is more basic, it can be suited to a wide range of conditions. However, it is not ideal for instances where a thorough and complete drain is the most important aspect. That is because its’ flat shape is not the best suited to thorough draining the way many other storage tank shape options are. At Belding Tank, we offer a variety of different storage tank shapes, so that you and your company are sure to find the storage tank that you need, for your specific situation.

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