The Durability of Fiberglass Storage Tanks

Today, you can still find fiberglass boats made over six decades ago. These did not need that much maintenance, and they have not yet reached the end of their life span. However, because fiberglass tanks often store much harsher chemicals, you can’t expect this type of tank to last as long as a fiberglass boat.

Estimating the Life Span of a Bulk Storage Tank

Some chemicals are more aggressive than others, and if the chemical is impure, it causes corrosion. The flow rate and abrasiveness can also play a role. The maximum temperature also plays a role since a higher temperature can be harder on the tank.

Extending the Tank’s Life Span

You can’t completely predict how long your bulk storage tanks will last without these characteristic of fiberglass tanks, but there are often case histories that can help you compare your situation to past ones. That can help you make an educated guess. The resin supplier might have estimates of how long they will last.

The tank manufacturer has an involvement with the construction materials, the quality of the fabrication, and the equipment design. Operational considerations, installation, and the chemicals you store are your responsibility, and each of these can have an impact on how long the tank might last.

To ensure that it lasts for a long time, the manufacturer has to use the right design depending on the application of the tank. They also need to comply with the specifications for their parts. It is important to choose a manufacturer that does not skimp on the parts. The life of your products can get reduced a lot if the manufacturer does not use the best materials.

The manufacturing methods need to meet the industry standards of other fiberglass products. Choose a manufacturer that has experience in creating this type of equipment. They should have industry certifications.

What You Can Do

You should avoid modifying the tank from the specifications that your manufacturer provides. Altering the chemical composition, pressure, or temperature might reduce your tank’s life span. If you need to make changes, check with your manufacturer to see if these are the right changes to make.

You will also want to inspect your equipment often if you are using it in very corrosive areas. If the area is not as corrosive, then you can do an inspection less often. Choose an inspector who has qualifications and knowledge. You can do the repairs before they become very expensive.

Choose the Right Manufacturer of Bulk Storage Tanks

By choosing the right manufacturer, you can ensure that your fiberglass tanks for Wastewater Chemical Storage last for a long time to come. Contact Belding Tank Technologies today to find out more about the steps we take to make your tanks last for many years.

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