Tank Design Recommendation for Storing Sulfuric Acid

Those looking to store sulfuric acid do have to be a bit more careful. After all, sulfuric acid is one tough chemical! Though sulfuric acid pops up as a necessary chemical in many industries, it’s still no joke to store.

If sulfuric acid is stored improperly, many less than ideal scenarios can occur. Sulfuric acid can be hazardous to human and environmental health. A leak of any kind must be prevented! So, if you are looking to choose the perfect sulfuric acid storage tank, there are definitely a few tips to keep in mind.

Tips For Sulfuric Acid Storage

Tip number one-

Be smart about leak prevention. One of the most important things to remember, when it comes to sulfuric acid, is the importance of leak prevention. Sulfuric acid can cause harmful reactions on the skin. Sulfuric acid can also generate dangerous (and flammable gas), which can pose hazardous as well. Sulfuric acid must also be kept safe from contamination. This is for multiple reasons.

Firstly, because contamination of a chemical or ingredient is never ideal. But secondly, because water can create dangerous reactions when it comes into contact with sulfuric acid. Sulfuric acid contaminated by water can aerosolize, or even explode. So, to avoid any of these dangerous outcomes, consider investing in a sulfuric acid storage tank with “secondary containment”. Secondary containment is an extra layer of insurance for your sulfuric acid storage requirements.

Tip number two-

Don’t be afraid to invest in multiple tanks. When you pick out your perfect sulfuric acid storage tank, keep in mind that sulfuric acid is incredibly heavy. Sulfuric acid is so heavy, that you really do not want to try to store too much of it in one place.

You do not want to overload your sulfuric acid storage tank, by filling it with too much sulfuric acid. Choosing to opt for multiple, smaller sulfuric acid tanks can help break up this issue. Multiple smaller tanks are also helpful in other ways. For example, if something happened to a smaller sulfuric acid tank, the resulting (dangerous) leak would still be minimized. This can help keep your sulfuric acid storage requirements safer.

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