Single Wall vs Double Wall Fuel Tanks-Which is Better?

When it comes to picking fuel storage tanks, it can seem like there are so many options to choose from, that it can sometimes become overwhelming. After all, it is important to take everything from storage site, to the volatility of chemicals that must be stored, into consideration when choosing a fuel storage tank. Picking a tank that is suited to your needs is so important. After all, investing in the right double wall fiberglass tanks can save time and money in the long run.

For most storage tanks, some sort of back up or “secondary containment” will be helpful (and in some cases required by regulations) in order to act as a safety feature. This will normally be a mechanism of some sort that will help prevent potentially dangerous leaks of stored chemicals, which could prove hazardous to human health or the surrounding environment. Preventing leaks is also important for long term efficacy and the overall economic health of your company in the long term, as leaks can cost time and money. For single wall tanks, preventing leaks will generally involve a “secondary containment” area, which will usually take up space outside of and around the tank. However, another option that will be available in some situations, is the use of double wall fuel storage tanks.

Double wall oil tanks will have a sort of “secondary containment” built in to the tank, through the double wall feature. If regulations allow, and it seems like this kind of tank could work for you and your company, there are many benefits. Double wall storage tanks can often have a smaller “footprint” than single wall tanks plus the secondary containment area, which may be helpful for situations where space is a bit of an issue. If regulations allow, a smaller “footprint” can make double wall tanks a much more viable option for spaces where a secondary containment unit and single wall tank may simply not fit enough product for the amount of space they would take up.

If double wall fiberglass tanks sound like they may provide a good fit for you and your company, look no further than Belding Tank. At Belding Tank, our motto is “Quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty” because we are committed to making sure that customers end up with exactly the right sort of storage tank to fit their specific needs. We want to be the best at what we do, and are committed to superior construction of our tanks, as well as the highest level of service to our customers. We will work closely with you every steof the process, to ensure that you find the double wall tank that would be the best option for you and your company.

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