Septic Tank vs Holding Tank: Which One is Better?

For those who are looking to invest in a sewage treatment solution that is a little more close to home, the question often becomes whether to opt for a septic tank or a holding tank. Both offer homeowners the chance to store wastewater, and the two options can seem quite similar to each other. However, when picking between wastewater storage tanks, there are some important benefits to keep in mind about septic tanks.

Septic tanks are a kind of sewage storage tank with many unique features that can make them a great investment for homeowners. Firstly, something many people do not yet know, is that septic tanks can be a more eco-conscious choice. Yes!

Traditional sewage lines are unfortunately all too often the culprit behind groundwater contamination. This is less of an issue for septic tanks, for two important reasons. The first reason, is because septic tanks have a lower likelihood of leaking. The second reason, is that septic tanks already have built in filtration, which means that they are less likely to leak more serious contaminants into groundwater supplies.

Septic wastewater holding tanks are also a fairly affordable option in the long run, and come with pretty serious financial benefits. They are more affordable right off the bat, generally costing less install than the installation and maintenance costs associated with more traditional sewage pipe systems. Septic tanks can also help to minimize your utility bill, which pays dividends down the line!

Probably one of the biggest and most important benefits of choosing a septic tank over more traditional sewage pipe methods or holding tanks, is that septic tanks will be much easier and more cost effective to keep up and running smoothly. This is because septic tanks require a professional to pump them at an interval of, on average, only three to five years.

However, this figure for holding tanks is closer to once a month, or even more than that! This makes septic wastewater storage tanks a much lower maintenance option than holding tanks, and can also make them more affordable in the long run as well. Septic tanks are not only lower maintenance because of the fact that they can safely go longer intervals of time between having to be pumped, they also have a fairly long lifespan as well. It is estimated that a well-cared for and maintained septic tank can have a lifespan of between twenty and forty years. That is a pretty long time for such an important and hardworking storage tank.

For meeting all of your wastewater storage tank needs, Belding Tank is here to help. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you find the exact right septic storage tank to best suit your unique needs.

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