Products Used in Production of Food Storage Tanks

So many of the most important and widespread foods are kept in storage tanks. Flour, sugar, salt, and rice all spend time in storage tanks before making their way to consumer’s homes. Of course, whenever food is involved, choosing a top quality tank that best suits your needs becomes even more important than usual. There are a variety of products out there, so rest assured, that you will be able to find the right food grade water tank to hold your food products!

Food storage tanks can be produced using a variety of materials, two very well-known options being coated carbon steel and stainless steel used for storage tanks. To ensure food safety, carbon steel will typically undergo a process of being treated with an FDA approved coating and cured thermally. Whereas stainless steel food tanks will be prepped with a chemical wash inside and out before being sent off. But did you know that steel was not your only option for food storage tanks? Not at all! Fiberglass tanks, or FRP tanks for short, can also be used to store food!

Fiberglass tanks have the benefit of being generally lighter and more affordable than other food tanks on the market, but that doesn’t make them any less good quality! In fact, fiberglass food grade water storage tanks are where we at Belding Tank got out start! We began our foray into the fiberglass tank industry making food storage tanks that have been used by the thousands to store cherries and brine pickles. If you’re looking to buy a storage tank for food products, but want a more cost effective and lightweight alternative to stainless steel, fiberglass tanks may be just the thing for you.

At Belding Tank, our motto is: “quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty”. We are proud to make great quality fiberglass storage tanks for Food Storage tanks, all while also offering a variety of great options for customers to choose from. We offer 16 standard models and a staggering 23 different diameters for you to choose from. That means that we offer thousands of choices to best fit your specific tank requirements! Whether you are looking for a tank with manways for access, flat or domed covers, or even want to choose between flanged and threaded fittings, Belding Tank has got you covered. At Belding Tank, fiberglass is our business and we have the professional knowledge to work with you to find exactly the right food tank that you require to fit your food storage needs. FRP is a material that is no stranger to the food and beverage industry and is an affordable and lighter weight option to consider. With customer satisfaction always being our utmost goal, contact Belding Tank today to get started on finding the right storage tank for you!

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