Order Instructions

Order Instructions

There is a lot that goes into providing you with the tank you need. You can use the following checklist to provide your Belding Tank® sales representative with the information to properly design a tank for your particular service conditions:

  • Any customer generated specifications that must be followed.
  • Working capacity of the proposed tank.
  • Tank model designation. (see explanation below)
  • Desired tank diameter. (if critical)
  • Height, width and weight limitations.
  • Material to be stored in the tank, including concentrations and specific gravity.
  • Minimum and maximum temperature conditions.
  • Design conditions. (i.e., seismic loads, wind loads, snow loads, agitator loads, etc.)
  • Fittings and accessories to be provided, and their description.
  • Flange / Manhole gasket and bolt materials.
  • Any exterior colored gel coat requirements. (Clear resin top-coat is standard)
  • Whether U.V. absorber is required in the exterior resin layer.
  • Maximum flame spread requirement. (if fire retardant resin is specified)
  • Insulation requirements.
  • Heat maintenance system requirements. (i.e., Maintain Temp. & Outside Ambient Temp.)
  • Any special test procedures to be followed. (i.e., hydrostatic test)
  • Tanks intended for agitator service require the following information:
  • Location verification – Tank Top or Sidewall.
  • Weight of agitator with shaft and propeller.
  • Downward load when running.
  • Maximum torque. (Inch/lbs.)
  • Maximum bending moment. (Inch/lbs.)
  • Agitator mounting style – Flange or Rail.

Belding Tank Model designation:

Belding Tank Model designation

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