Maintenance Guide for Diesel Tank for Long Term Fuel Storage

If your company is in the habit of storing diesel fuel, then you probably want to keep it secure long-term. After all, diesel is expensive, and you do not want it to go to waste. Contaminated or spoiled diesel fuel can be a wasteful, and unnecessary expense. So, when storing diesel fuel, it is no question that you will want to go with the best storage method possible. There are multiple different options when it comes to storing diesel fuel. However, there is no need to be overwhelmed. We are happy to share a few general maintenance tips that can help keep your diesel storage tank in good running order.

General Diesel Exhaust Fluid Tank Maintenance Tips

  • Tip number one, is that your company must be reasonable when it comes to long-term storage goals. When it comes to diesel, there are a few general guidelines to figuring out how long it will keep. When it is kept in a diesel storage tank according to the very best maintenance practices, diesel can last up to twelve months. However, it could still last only six months under these great maintenance conditions. Even so, six to twelve months is not a bad run at all. However, to achieve this long-term stability, you will need to keep your diesel fuel in very specific conditions. The first maintenance condition, will be temperature. Diesel tends to last longer when it is kept cool. You will want to keep your diesel fuel at a temperature that will not exceed seventy degrees F.
  • Secondly, diesel will need to be kept in a dry place. You do not want to worry about moisture or contamination. In order to keep your diesel fuel in good working order long-term, it should not be getting contaminated by water. One big tip? You should not just prevent water from getting into the tank. You should also keep condensation from forming within the tank. This is where rules and regulations come in. You should understand all of your relevant safety rules and regulations for all aspects of your diesel storage tank. And this is especially true when fighting condensation contamination. You should leave enough extra room in your tank to be safe, without leaving to much excess room for condensation to form.
  • Lastly, you may want to look into treating your diesel fuel with a substance such as a biocide to help preserve it’s longevity. When you ask “how long can diesel be stored”? The answer is always going to be affected by storage conditions. As well as whether your diesel fuel is treated or not. Biocide treatments can help keep your diesel fuel from being contaminated by bacterial growth. Treated diesel fuel can often last much longer than untreated diesel fuel. Because of this, you may want to weigh the pros and cons of whether a biocide treatment is right for your fuel.

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