How to Store Ferric Chloride For Water Treatment Process

Ferric chloride is a configuration of iron that can be used for treating drinking water in the water treatment process. Ferric chloride water treatment can purify water of many different PH balances and can help remove any discoloration present in the water. Ferric chloride can also work to purify drinking water at a lower dose than comparable sulfate-based coagulants. Interestingly, when used to purify drinking water, ferric chloride produces a by-product substance that has a very high iron content. This high iron content by-product is not thought of as being hazardous to the environment, which is a definite plus. Ultimately, ferric chloride can be an effective and low-cost option for purifying drinking water. However, it is important to store ferric chloride securely and safely.

Ferric chloride is what is known as a high fuming chemical. This is why it is important to make sure that your ferric chloride storage tanks meet every safety specification required. If stored improperly, ferric chloride can cause a reaction known as defoliation, the process of leaf removal, to any plant matter within range. To help prevent this unfortunate side-effect, it is highly recommended that you purchase tank lids that are fume-tight. There are also additional options available to help deal with fumes, such as scrubbers.

A potentially cost-effective ferrous chloride poly tanks option, is a fibreglass storage tank. Fibreglass tanks are built to facilitate the storage and processing of potentially corrosive chemicals, and can be used to a handle a wide PH range. Though fibreglass can be a potentially effective storage solution for your ferric chloride storage tanks needs, it is always important to take the proper precautions and use the correct protective measures when working with, or around, a chemical like ferric chloride.

When looking for ferric sulfate storage tanks, consider Belding Tank. Belding Tank offers a wide range of features for you to choose a chemical storage tank from, such as the option of adding a U.V. inhibitor to the exterior resin layer, as well as the optional addition of a gel coat. These feric sulfate water treatment features can be beneficial if you are looking to store your tank outside. Belding Tank also offers plumbing solutions that can allow for lateral and vertical expansion of, and contractions of tanks. The flexible plumbing connections offered by Belding Tank can also reduce ferric chloride pump and piping vibration stress on your tanks. It is important to note, however, that flexible connection plumbing solutions should be connected to the tank flange, and that piping, valves and pumps require structural support independent of the tanks.

The Belding Tank motto is “Quality is our Standard, Customer Service is our Specialty”. If you think a fibreglass tank solution may be just what you need to store the ferric chloride you require to purify drinking water, we will work closely with you through every step of the process to ensure you get exactly what you need.

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