How to Settle on a Good Tank for Storing Chemicals

You have a lot of things to consider when getting a storage tank for chemicals. For example, what is the budget and how large do you want the tank to be? But the first
question you should ask is about what you need the chemical storage tank for.

Consider Your Chemicals

When choosing a storage tank, you should think about what you will be storing in the tank and what the concentration will be. Otherwise, the system might be at risk of equipment damage, failure, or lost products. Consider the properties of the chemical you want to store. If the design is incorrect, it might cause issues for the whole storage system. When you are telling the company what you will be storing, be specific. If you only give a general name or do not say the concentration, you might make a harmful mistake.

For example, hydrofluosilicic acid needs specialized vertical chemical storage tanks. It has many fumes, and these are corrosive fumes. That can etch stoneware and glass while damaging windows and metal components.

Choosing a Tank Material

Once you know more about the characteristics of the chemical you need to store, you can choose the right materials for your needs. If you have water, then nearly any material will work. But if the chemicals are oxidizing, you should be more careful.

For example, you can use stainless steel for high volume or high pressure options. They are also an attractive option. But if you are storing acids, you will need to have an extra lining layer to protect the tank.

Fiberglass reinforced tanks have a chemical resin on the inside and the structural layer consists of filament wound fibers or chopped glass fiber. You might need a lining in them for certain chemicals.

If you have non-corrosive chemicals, consider linear polyethylene. It is cost-effective and good for chemicals that are not corrosive. You might also look into cross-linked polyethylene from your chemical storage tanks manufacturer. This has a catalyst added to the resin, turning it into a thermoset. Think of a chain-link fence, where your metal gets linked together. This results in plastic that has more durability against impacts and can resist fractures well. It offers heat resistance, chemical resistance, and overall stability.

Choose the Right Chemical Storage Tanks Manufacturers

Finding the best vertical chemical storage tank is vital to storing your chemicals properly. Luckily, it is easy to settle on a great tank if you follow these suggestions. Begin by thinking about the chemical you want to store and then pick out the tank material. If you want to know more about choosing the best tank, contact Belding Tank Technologies today.

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