How to Customize a Tank for Pharmaceuticals Considering All the Needs

When storing pharmaceuticals, it is without a doubt important to make sure that storage tanks are safe and contaminant free. For a long time, this was largely left up to exclusively stainless steel tanks. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be this way! Stainless steel tanks generally require special, and costly, coatings to work properly at containing pharmaceuticals. Depending on your needs, Fiberglass pharmaceutical tanks may potentially be a great, and cost effective option.

One of the most important features in pharmaceutical storage tanks is making sure that bacterial growth cannot occur. Making sure to choose a storage tank that doesn’t contain porous or poorly designed areas that could harbor bacteria or other contaminants is key to customizing a good Pharmaceutical storage tank.  Storage tanks that will be used for pharmaceuticals should also be well-designed. One thing to consider is proper drainage. Properly customized pharmaceutical tanks will have complete and easy drainage, which can help cut down on waste and potential contamination.

Something else to consider when designing a tank for pharmaceuticals, is the idea of secondary containment. Secondary containment offers an extra layer of insurance against potentially hazardous and wasteful pharmaceutical leaks. A potential pharmaceutical chemical leak can be dangerous for human and environmental health, and should be avoided at all costs. Additionally, something not to be overlooked, is that tanks equipped with secondary containment offer an extra layer of protection against contamination for the pharmaceuticals housed inside the tanks.

Customizing tanks for pharmaceuticals is all about maintaining human and environmental safety, as well as making sure no contamination occurs to the pharmaceutical chemicals. Making sure that you have a well-designed and sturdy tank, that suits your needs, is key to successful pharmaceutical storage. That’s why we at Belding Tank want to work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly the right tank for your needs. We offer a wide array of helpful features that can help you customize exactly the right tank for your product. Our smooth, resin rich internal finish can act as a corrosion barrier if you are looking to store potentially corrosive chemicals. Our unitized, one-piece flat and sloped bottom tanks are made without seams. This can help with create greater structural strength, as well as potentially minimize the risk of pharmaceutical contamination. This is because tank seams can be areas that harbor bacterial growth. Our cone and dish tanks can also be made without a seam, which can make them easier to clean. Ultimately, what you need is a Tank Manufacturer USA who will give you the support to customize exactly the tank that would best fit your storage needs. At Belding Tank, our motto is “Quality is our Standard, Customer Service is our Specialty”, and we will work closely with you to make sure that you get the right tank for your pharmaceuticals.

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