How To Choose the Suitable Tank For Wastewater Storage and Treatment

When it comes to wastewater storage and treatment, you are probably already aware of the fact that there are different of options available! Yes, there are many different combinations of material and design that can create vastly different storage tanks. And the key is to figure out which kind of storage tanks will work best for your needs! Here are a few things that you can keep in mind, when sorting through the many different kinds of wastewater storage tanks.

Some Helpful Options to Keep in Mind when Picking Wastewater Storage Tanks Include:

  • Option number one to consider, when choosing wastewater holding tanks, are welded steel tanks. Welded steel wastewater holding tanks require the proper administration of a protective coating. If this coating is not applied properly, or is starting to experience corrosion, that can cause issues for welded steel tanks. However, when properly maintained and administered, these welded steel wastewater storage tanks can last a fairly long time.
  • Option number two to consider, are bolted, powder-coated-epoxy-steel sewage storage tanks. These sorts of tanks can be a popular choice, and for a reason! This type of storage tank is generally more affordable to install, which can be a very appealing option. Additionally, bolted, powder-coated-epoxy-steel storage tanks can cut down on the time that you will need to spend installing them. You can also configure them fairly easily to get them to suit your storage set up, even when your space is smaller. These storage tanks will also require a protective coating, which professionals can administer when they are in in a factory setting. However, something to keep in mind, is that these storage tanks can last a shorter period of time than welded steel wastewater holding tanks.
  • Another popular option for you to consider, are bolted, glass-fused-to-steel sewage storage tanks. These tanks are sturdy, thanks to their interesting glass coatings. The unique coating process used to give these tanks such a special defense against the elements can also be a bit costly initially. However, once you procure bolted, glass-fused-to-steel sewage storage tanks, the good news is these storage tanks tend to last a long time.

If you are still unsure about which exact storage tanks will best suited your needs, look no further than Belding Tank! At Belding Tank, our motto is “Quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty”, because that is what we stand for! We believe that being the best that we can be entails making sure that the client is completely satisfied. That means that we will work with you every step of the way. Because we want to ensure that you find exactly the right storage tanks to fit your unique storage tank needs.

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