How Important is Side Water Depth While Evaluating Existing Units?

Something important to keep in mind while evaluating existing units, is something called “side water depth”. Side water depth refers to the measurement of the depth of the water contained in a basin. That depth measurement will be taken near the wall of a unit. Hence the term, “side water depth”. The ideal side water depth for your storage needs will depend on what you need your units to do. For example, if you will be employing your industrial storage tanks with a grit collector, you can generally get away with less side water depth.

Every industrial water tank, and every use for a tank, will slightly alter what side water depth you require, and how to determine your ideal side water depth. Everything from waste treatment to chemical clarifiers will require different methods of figuring out ideal side water depth. Everything from overflow rate, to settling velocity may need to be tested and taken into consideration.

However, no matter what the functions of your existing units are, the most important thing when it comes to side water depth, is making sure that you have enough depth to maintain safe and orderly operations. Without enough depth in units “gross carry over” of solids can occur, which can hinder proper operating procedures. Making sure that your units have enough side water depth for proper working transportation ,or solids inventory, is key to maintaining good quality functionality. Additionally, situations such as “MLSS”, or mixed liquor suspended solids, may require even more depth to function properly.

With something as complex and important as side water depth, it is prudent to employ knowledgeable and good quality water tank manufacturers. When it comes to storage tanks and side water depth, you want to work with somebody who is in the know, and is prepared to help you get exactly the tanks that best suit your needs.

Here at Belding Tank technologies, we know all about industrial storage tanks. However, we do not simply offer good quality product, we are also willing to work with you to make sure that you get exactly the tanks to suit your specific needs. Our motto is not “quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty”, for nothing. We believe that it is important to blend good quality product and personable and helpful customer service. With almost limitless possibilities included in our catalog, whatever your needs are, we have the tank for you. However, with all that choice, you will still never feel lost or unsure of what tank to pick. Whether you need to know more about side water depth for waste treatment, or how to keep tank operations as orderly as possible, we will work closely with you every step of the way to ensure that you end up with exactly the results you want.

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