How Double Wall Tanks Reduce the Risk of Hazardous Spills

Everybody in the business of storing chemicals likely already knows that preventing hazardous spills is the most important item on every agenda. After all, a chemical leak could potentially cause serious harm to human health, as well as the surrounding environment and facilities. Not to mention the fact that leaks will likely also result in the need for costly repairs, replacement of product, and so on. The importance of leak prevention is not something to take lightly. The good news? That there are lots of options available for adding to your leak prevention arsenal. One of which, are double wall tanks.

Double wall storage tanks offer an interesting potential alternative to concrete containment. Concrete containment is a well-known stand by option when it comes to the secondary containment of hazardous chemicals. However, they do have some drawbacks! Firstly, concrete containment tends to take up quite a lot of space, which can be difficult for smaller facilities. They can also be quite costly. Add to this the fact that chemicals spilled within a concrete containment system are difficult to recover. For those looking for something more compact, double wall fiberglass tanks may well be the solution for you.

Double wall tanks are made with exactly the feature you’d expect: a double wall that offers an alternative style of secondary containment to concrete containment. The outer wall encloses the inner wall, so that any leak from the inner wall will be stopped from leaving the tank all together. Not only does this design protect against chemicals spilling from inside the tank, it also helps to keep contaminants such as rainwater from entering the inner tank (where the chemicals are stored). This can also save time and money, allowing you to keep the chemicals you store safe from contamination while also protecting against future, and potentially hazardous, spills. Additionally, it is important to note that double wall storage tanks generally take up less space than other secondary containment methods. This can help you to make the most of your square footage, which is always a bonus!

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