Handling & Installation / O & M Instruction Manual

Handling & Installation / O & M Instruction Manual


Safety First

BELDING TANK® HANDLING AND INSTALLATION and OPERATION AND MAINTENANCE manual must be read carefully before attempting to handle, install or use the tank.

Safe and proper tank handling and installation is a must for maximum term and trouble free service. DO NOT deviate from instructions without approval from BELDING TANK® Failure to do so may void tank warranty.

Lifting and Positioning

  • NEVER roll or slide a tank. Lift the tank using a crane or other approved method.
  • Operators of hoist equipment should follow proper rigging procedures at all times. NEVER allow the tank to swing out of control.
  • DO NOT drop or allow hard impact from tools, spreader bars, etc.
  • Avoid the use of equipment inside the tank that could scratch or damage the tank corrosion barrier.
  • NEVER use cables or chains around tank.
  • NEVER lift the tank by using fittings. Use designated lifting lugs, which come standard on all B.T.T. tanks.
  • If tanks are being stored prior to installation, be sure to lay on padded surface and tie down securely.

Tank Bottom Support

BELDING TANK® FRP Flat and Sloped Bottom tanks require continuous rigid support. This support must be smooth, flat and free of foreign objects prior to setting any tank. Belding Tank recommends, as a minimum, two layers of thirty pound roofing felt, to take up possible deviations in the support. The support must be designed of proper strength to withstand the combined weight of the tank and contents. Design of the support structure is the responsibility of the purchaser.

Pipe Connections

Flexible pipe connections should be used whenever possible. If rigid piping must be used, be certain it is self-supporting and non-vibrating.

See downloadable PDF for Belding Tank Technologies full Handling and Installation Manual.

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Because fiberglass reinforced plastic tanks have unique, physical and structural characteristics; they are flexible, lightweight, corrosion resistant, and stronger than tanks made of other plastic materials. Care, however, should be taken to follow the Belding Tank Technologies Handling and Installation instructions. (See pdf download) 


  • Inspect your tank thoroughly upon receipt. 
  • Follow the Handling and Installation instruction. Failure to do so may void tank warranty
  • Wash your tank thoroughly w/detergent and rinse before putting in service (see FDA Requirements).


  • Keep the tank clean.  
  • Make a visual tank inspection inside and outside the tank every 6-12 months.
  • If your tank has been supplied with a screen on your vent, care should be taken to inspect the screen regularly and kept clean and unobstructed. The screen will reduce the airflow. CAUTION: Condensate on the screen during cold weather may freeze which may result in damage to the tank. BTT recommends removing the screen during cold weather months.
  • Rapid temperature changes to the fiberglass tank MUST BE AVOIDED, especially going from a hot tank to a cold tank.

See downloadable PDF for Belding Tank Technologies full Operation and Maintenance Instruction Manual.

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