Guide to Store Diesel for a Long Term in Storage Tanks

Being able to store diesel fuel for a longer period of time can be a more economically prudent choice for those not looking to have to buy fuel when prices are higher. Because of the fluctuations in the price of diesel fuel, so many are now looking for smart ways to keep diesel stable and well stored for longer periods of time. For those looking to get the most long term storage out of a diesel storage tank, there are a few tips to keep in mind.

One important part of keeping diesel fuel stable and potent for longer, is to keep the diesel def tank from overheating. Ideally, the temperature that the fuel is being stored in will not go above 70 degrees Fahrenheit, for maximum longevity. Additionally, it is key to extending the lifespan of fuel to keep the diesel from being contaminated by water. This must be done firstly, by making sure that the diesel storage tank has top openings that are properly secured against outside water contamination vectors, such as rainwater. However, it is also important to guard against internal water contamination in tanks as well. An often overlooked source of water contamination, is condensation. Water contamination stemming from a buildup of condensation within tanks can cause issues in the longevity of the fuel down the line. In order to avoid this, it is important to minimize the amount of inner tank space that condensation will be able to form on. It is recommended to only allow for the minimum amount of space necessary between the fuel and the tank, in order to minimize condensation and subsequent water contamination of the fuel.

Special treatments meant to strengthen the stability of the fuel can also be of help. Treatments such as biocides can help prevent bacterial growth within the fuel, which can be beneficial to those looking to store diesel for a longer period of time. Fuel Stability treatments on the other hand, help prolong the lifespan of diesel by doing exactly what it sounds like: lending greater chemical stability to the fuel. This is helpful as it can prevent issues like the potential oxidation of the fuel when exposed to oxygen.

Lastly, no matter what kind of diesel exhaust fluid tank and storage system you decide will best suit your needs, Belding Tank has your back. At Belding Tank, our motto is “quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty”, because we take pride in our workmanship and our quality service. We believe in long term value and the importance of helping customers reach their goals. We can work with you every step of the way to ensure that you end up with exactly the right tank to suit your needs.

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