Fluosilicic Acid

Storing Fluosilicic Acid

As those who work in industries that involve intense chemicals already know, there are some substances that are as dangerous as they are useful. There are many substances that can be useful, but must absolutely be handled with extreme care. Fluosilicic acid is one of those substances. This acid is commonly used to help fluoridate water. This means that it can pop up frequently in the water treatment industry. However, just because it might be fairly commonly used, does not mean that it is simple or safe to use. When it comes to fluosilicic acid storage, the name of the game is safety, safety, safety.

The Importance of Safety when Storing Fluosilicic Acid

  • It must first be acknowledged that these are just a few basic tips. You will absolutely need to adhere to even more regulations than this, and should work with experts beyond one post. One very important consideration when picking out a fluosilicic acid storage tank, is preventing hazardous leaks. This is because fluosilicic acid is incredibly hazardous to human health. Even just the fumes coming from fluosilicic acid could cause real and serious harm to your workers. This means that your fluosilicic acid storage tank of choice needs to be able to keep your workers safe from fluosilicic acid. No fumes or leaks of any kind should happen.
  • Additionally, you need to pick a storage tank that is made with standing up to fluosilicic acid in mind. You can’t just pick out any old storage tank and expect it to be able to safely hold fluosilicic acid. This is for many reasons, including those outlined above. However, one big reason for this, is that fluosilicic acid reacts badly with many common storage tank materials. For example, fluosilicic acid cannot be stored in a metal tank. Metal reacts badly with fluosilicic acid. Additionally, fluosilicic acid is corrosive and can even degrade concrete! This is why you need to buy a storage tank made specifically to be able to house fluosilcic acid safely.

Getting Help when Picking out a Fluosilicic Acid Tank

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