Belding Tank offers a variety of fittings for installation in your tank.

Flanged nozzle – The most common of our fittings.

  • May also be provided with Stationary or Removable style internal down pipe assemblies in either FRP or PVC.  Other removable down pipe materials are available upon request.

Siphon flanged nozzle – It’s a matter of adding a turned down elbow and pipe to the interior of the standard flanged nozzle to provide drainage of product very close to the tank bottom.  The standard clearance is 1/4th of the pipe diameter or 1” minimum.

Side-bottom flanged nozzle – Normally used on sloped bottom tanks but can also be used on flat bottom tanks when a cut-out is provided in the foundation.  This provides the most drainage possible.

Double flanged nozzle – When internal pipe connection is required.

Tangential flanged nozzle – Our standard flanged nozzle installed on an offset and parallel center line to the tank sidewall.

Pad flange – When space is restricted, and bolting is still required, a Pad flange provides a low-profile projection with stainless steel threaded inserts for bolting.

Blind flange – When any of the above connections need to be blanked off.  We offer both FRP and PVC materials and they come standard with bolt sets and gasket.

All flanged fittings are drilled in accordance with ANSI B16.5 Class 150, and PSI ratings vary based on size.

Coupling – Female National Pipe Thread, offered in both full (threaded both ends) and half (threaded exterior end and plain interior end).

  • We offer couplings down to 1” in size and offer reducer bushings in PVC, CPVC and PTFE materials when sizes need to be smaller.

Nipple – Male National Pipe Thread, threaded one end.

Pipe – Plain end FRP material.

All fittings can be provided with conical or plate gussets, internal vortex breakers and wear pads when required.

Mushroom Vent – We offer this in two sizes, 4” & 6”, and it provides a clean looking vent.

Gooseneck Vent – Using fiberglass pipe, we manufacture our own in sizes ranging from 2” to 24”.

Removable insect and bird screens are available for both vent styles. As a minimum, Belding Tank recommends the vent be equal to or larger than the largest inlet or outlet. The vents should be kept clean and free of obstruction to allow proper air flow.

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