Essential Guide About Septic Tank and It’s Advantages

Many people probably know septic tanks as a great wastewater collection option for those who do not live near other wastewater collection services, such as sewer lines. However, though septic tanks do important work in many rural communities, they also offer many advantages that might make those with other wastewater collection options think twice. After all, it is helpful to know about your options when it comes to picking you wastewater collection method, and installing a sewage storage tank may just be the right choice for you!

Wastewater storage tanks collect and treat wastewater using a mixture of an inlet pipe, and outlet pipe, as well as bacterial decomposition of solid waste. This clever system has many advantages over other wastewater contamination methods that you may not yet know about.

One such advantage, that may be surprising, is that opting to use a sewage storage tank can really help minimize your water bill! This is because of two big contributing factors. One, those who use septic tanks can skip paying sewage related water bills. Two, installing a septic tank is generally more affordable than installing a new sewer pipe system. More great news about septic tanks? They require less maintenance than you might think! It is generally recommended to have a professional pump the septic tank at an interval of only three to five years. However, it is important to note that this must always be done by a professional, as it is not safe or advisable for a homeowner to do septic tank maintenance or inspection themselves. Septic tanks are also generally remarkably sturdy, with an impressive lifespan! The average sewage storage tank can work for a whopping twenty to forty years. This lifespan is much longer than the average replacement intervals of sewage pipes.

If personal benefits are not enough to make you consider investing in wastewater storage tanks, you may still be swayed by the more collective environmental benefits of septic tanks. Septic tanks are less prone to leakage, and are less likely to have more dangerous types of leakages due to their internal processing systems. This can help prevent issues that can come from sewage systems involving contaminated drinking water. Lastly, septic tanks actually help contribute to groundwater and aquifers! All while helping to minimize the pathogens contained in surface water.

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