Double Wall Tanks

The Benefits of Double Wall Storage Tanks

Investing in a fiberglass tank comes with many benefits. Fiberglass tanks are relatively affordable and lightweight. Which can put them in a class of their own when it comes to convenience. However, there are also so many fiberglass storage tanks to choose from. This is undoubtedly a good thing, because choice is helpful overall. After all, you want to ensure that you choose the exact right storage tank to fit your needs! One great option to consider, are double wall fiberglass tanks.

The Benefits of Double Wall Tanks

  • There are many great benefits of investing in double wall storage tanks! However, you may first be wondering, what a double wall tank is even used for. Well, fiberglass tanks generally incorporate a double wall feature for one big reason. Which is, the factor of “secondary containment”. Secondary containment is a term that describes, essentially, having a built in back up plan to prevent leaks and contamination. This is especially important when you are storing hazardous chemicals. Secondary containment features act as extra insurance against leaks of these chemicals. One popular secondary containment option, are double wall tanks or double wall containment tanks or double wall chemical tanks. The double wall feature allows extra space to hold in substances if the first wall is breached.
  • This secondary containment feature of double wall fiberglass tanks is especially helpful, because it’s a more space-saving option. Where many secondary containment options take up quite a bit of space, double wall storage tanks tend to be more streamlined. Though they will still take up more space than a single wall tank, which you should budget space for.

Where to Find Great Quality Double Wall Fiberglass Tanks

  • At Belding Tank, we know all about making great quality double wall fiberglass tanks. Double wall fiberglass tanks are a specialty of ours, which we pride ourselves on. If you are looking for a great quality liquid storage double wall tank, look no further.

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