Design Features

Design Features


We build all of our tank walls in accordance with the time-tested standards of ASTM D-3299 and ASTM D-4097 specifications for filament winding and contact molding respectively, with ASME RTP-1 (design by rules) fabrication capabilities.
All Belding Tank Technologies, Inc. corrosion barriers are built to a minimum thickness of 110 mil vs. 96 mil as specified by ASTM & ASME.

Tank Bottoms

FLAT & SLOPED – The majority of our Sloped and Flat Bottom tanks use a UNITIZED ONE-PIECE BOTTOM TO SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION without a seam for greater structural strength. However, we don’t stop there. The tank bottom corners, particularly crucial in flat bottom tank designs, include a knuckle radius for maximum resistance against hydrostatic pressures. This feature ensures that corners are easier to clean to help eliminate product contamination.

CONE & DISHED – The majority of our Dished and Conical Bottom tanks also use a UNITIZED ONE-PIECE BOTTOM TO SIDEWALL CONSTRUCTION without a seam for greater structural strength and ease of cleaning. We utilize both FRP and Steel support structures for our conical bottom tanks, overlaying the steel support ring exterior with fiberglass for added resistance against chemical attack. The full circumference support, particularly critical in conical bottom tanks, helps eliminate uneven stresses on the tank sidewall, ensuring stability and longevity.

Tank Tops

CLOSED – Belding Tank® Dome and Flat Top Heads come standard with our 20” or 24” loose cover top manhole with grab handle for convenient opening.

OPEN – Our Open Top tanks come standard with a 90° rim flange, with the option of a one, two or three piece cover. The 90° rim also allows for easy mounting of mixer rails, when required. As a cost saving alternative, a Type II rim is offered when a cover or rails are not required.

Note: All Belding Tank® 90° rims are formed by means of hand lay-up to the tank sidewall on a platen table to ensure uniformity.

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