Correct Way to get Your Sulfuric Acid Storage Tanks Designed

Sulfuric Acid is one of the most important industrial chemicals, and is used in the production of fertilizers, manufacturing chemicals, metal processing, and many other industries. However, it is also an aggressive acid that requires special storage consideration, and must always be handled with the utmost caution and safety. This article can help to add a bit more clarity on “How to store sulfuric acid?” that can provide some of the additional precautions to keep in mind while looking for sulfuric acid storage tank.

Fibreglass tanks, such as those offered by Belding Tank, can be a cost-effective method for storing sulfuric acid. Because sulfuric acid is an incredibly aggressive chemical, make sure that if you are going to purchase a fibreglass tank, that you choose one that is manufactured with high quality resins and acid resistant glass. You must also make sure that you never use a fibreglass tank to store concentrations of sulfuric acid above 80%. Something else you may want to keep in mind is that solutions of over 50% can discolor a fibreglass tank.

Additionally, something else to consider when purchasing a sulfuric acid poly tank for storage is the utility of secondary containment. Because sulfuric acid is such a serious chemical, it is recommended that you ensure your tank has a secondary confinement. Secondary confinement can help catch sulfuric acid leaks before they become a danger to your staff and facility. Anything that can make the storage of sulfuric acid safer and more secure is always highly recommended.

It is also a prudent idea to split the containment of your sulfuric acid among a group of smaller acid tanks, rather than putting it all in one tank. This is helpful for multiple reasons. Firstly, sulfuric acid is incredibly heavy, which can place a larger amount of stress on tanks. Therefore, it is a safer and more secure storage solution to store sulfuric acid in smaller amounts per each tank. Splitting the sulfuric acid among smaller tanks can help facilitate this. Secondly, keeping your sulfuric acid split among many smaller tanks means that any potential spills would be smaller and hopefully easier to manage. As always, safety is the most important thing when considering sulfuric acid storage tank design. It is also important for personal protective equipment to be worn by anyone handling, or operating by, sulfuric acid.

Lastly, something to consider is customizability. If a fibreglass sulfuric acid tank is something that is a potential safe fit for your storage needs, Belding Tank will work closely with you through every step of the process to ensure you get exactly what you need. We offer a variety of features for our tanks, such as a U.V. inhibitor in the exterior resin layer, and the option of adding a gel coat if tanks are going to be kept outside.

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