Automotive Industry Tanks

Automotive Industry Tanks

The automotive industry has relied on Belding Tank Technologies to manufacture quality FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic) tanks for decades. Paint lines, chemical storage and water treatment are just a few ways that our horizontal and vertical storage tanks are used. They are properly designed for strength and longevity to safely store product with pH ranging from 1 to 14. Proudly built in the USA, our tanks are designed to meet or exceed industry standards.

Benefits of Fiberglass Tanks for Automotive Industry

  • Durability – Our tanks are built for the long haul.  Belding Tank uses high quality materials in everything we manufacture.
  • Dependability – We work closely with our suppliers to ensure the tanks you purchase from us work well in the environment they are intended.
  • Reliability – You can rely on Belding Tank today and into the future.  We have manufactured high quality, value priced tanks for the automotive industry for more than 25 years.
  • Versatility – Our manufacturing facility, tooling capabilities and experience allow us to be meet the ever-increasing demands for something unique and different.
  • Affordability – We continuously audit our manufacturing techniques to increase efficiencies.  These efficiencies and effective buying help us to produce a cost-competitive tank providing a positive return on your investment.
  • Serviceability – The ability to make modifications to a fiberglass tank provides our customers with flexibility should your process ever change.


With 16 standard models and 23 different diameters to choose from, Belding Tank offers thousands of choices for your tank requirements. Our tanks have a variety of options you can choose from to create the perfect storage tank to fit your needs.

  • Flat or Domed covers for open-top tanks
  • Manways for tank access
  • Fittings – both flanged and threaded
  • Accessories- Ladders, Heat Maintenance, Calibration strips in U.S. gallons

You can choose from these and other features when you choose Belding Tank, a leading manufacturer of fiberglass tanks.

Building durable tanks, using dependable suppliers, from a reliable manufacturer using versatile manufacturing techniques provides you, the consumer, with an affordable fiberglass tank that can be modified in the future, if need be. The professionals at Belding Tank look forward to assisting you with your next fiberglass tank project.

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