Are Fiberglass Tanks Ideal for Commercial Fire Protection Systems?

Having water properly stored for fire suppression reasons is absolutely necessary. Proper fire protection systems will require readily available access to stored water. However, storing water can be costly, and many conventional water storage systems are incredibly heavy and cumbersome. A way around these issues, is to invest in fiberglass tanks as a means of water storage.

Water storage tanks made from fiberglass are a much more cost effective option than other conventional tank materials, such as steel and concrete. Not only this, fiberglass is also much lighter weight than both steel and concrete. A lighter weight tank will generally make for an easier and cheaper installation. Additionally, heavier tanks can sometimes pose problematic when water for fire suppression purposes is needed in a remote or hard to reach area. A lighter weight tank and more cost effective tank will have the benefit of being more accessible.

However, fiberglass as a material isn’t just light weight and affordable, it also lends itself well to being used for commercial fire protection systems. Fiberglass tanks are well known to provide effective and watertight storage for water. This is key, because water must be held in a leak free tank so that it can be readily and fully available in the potential event of a fire. Fiberglass food grade water tanks have long been used to hold drinkable water, and have a proven track record of securely holding water. This can also be a beneficial feature for those looking to invest in a food grade tank that will do double duty serving as fire protection as well as a potable water supply.

There are also a large amount of fiberglass storage tanks for consumers to choose from, such as conical bottom tanks or flat bottom tank. That way, whatever specifications a client has, they should be able to find a match with fiberglass. Not only do fiberglass storage tanks have a great track record of effectively holding water, they are also a great affordable option for more remote areas. Because they are lightweight, fiberglass water tanks won’t need lots of expensive specialty equipment to be installed in hard to access locations.

For those looking for an affordable and effective storage tank option for their commercial fire protection systems, look no further than Belding Tank fiberglass tanks. At Belding Tank, we really do know fiberglass tanks. We have over 100 years of combined experience in the field and are a renowned leader in the fiberglass industry. Our motto is: “Quality is our standard, customer service is our specialty.” We offer a wide variety of features and options, and we will work with you every step of the way to ensure that you get exactly the right fiberglass water tank to best suit your needs.

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